BirdWorld TING TAR TID release

BBC Radio 3 live recorded a BirdWorld Open Ear performance at LSO St Luke’s on 27 October 2018 here (c. 39:30 – 51:20 and 1:26:30 – 1:39:45)

BirdWorld talks to Nikki Bedi from BBC World Service about the same performance here (c. 47 mins)

‘Doe-eyed, Clean-cut’ piano intro for Duo TÖ premiered at Krantz November ’18

‘Cikada’ by KGB

‘After Rain’ from BirdWorld album UNDA featuring in Wire Tapper 47 (Aug ’18)

Mix for Cashmere Radio 21/06/18

Samples for upcoming BirdWorld album “UNDA” (2019)

KGB Sudio Concert Excerpt (2017) (Karl Nyberg – sax; Bernt Isak Wærstad – guitar/electronics; Gregor Riddell – cello)

KGB “First Cut” (2017)

Dream sequence from “Hiraeth” (2016) for bass clarinet, cello and electronics

“Hypoxia” (2012) for three cellos performed by Tre Voci Cello Ensemble

Part 1 “Their Scintillant Blades” (2012) for solo cello and electronics

Intro to “Their Scintillant Blades” (2012) for solo cello and electronics

“Cello Interlude” (2012) for cello and electronics